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Horus Ascended

Horus Ascended, Primarch of the Sons of Horus Legion Forge World miniature, Showcase9-level, NMM, OSL. Vote on Putty&Paint. Vote on CMON. Painted by: Yaroslav Bozhdynsky CMON Top last 7 days His armour is painted to show all three colours of his Legions, inspired by the ‘Evolution of Horus Lupercal’ art by Elijah Gurenko (ArhPriest). Painted using Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold II brushes, Harder & Steenbeck Evolution CRplus airbrush and Acrylicos Vallejo Model Color paints. Mounted on a removable scenic…Continue readingHorus Ascended

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Captain of the Eye

Captain of the Eye Trolls Under the Bridge miniature, 1/10 scale bust, Showcase9-level, NMM, battle damage, OSL, plinth. Vote on Putty&Paint. Vote on CMON. Painted by: Yaroslav Bozhdynsky The miniature is a limited edition piece. It was the last one sold from the first batch of fifty pieces produced and comes with a certificate of authenticity with an assigned number of 38/200. Entered into Kontrast 2021 painting competition CMON Top last 7 days  For Sale on eBay! The miniature presented…Continue readingCaptain of the Eye

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Lilith Nocturna Models miniature, 70mm scale, Showcase8-level, NMM, scenic base. Vote on Putty&Paint. Vote on CMON, CMON (Closeups). Painted by: Yaroslav Bozhdynsky Entered into Hussar 2015 painting competition. It is also our first miniature painted on Showcase8 level and a first Nocturna Model. CMON Top last 7 days