Shipping & Payment

Important! Expedited shipping is available to some, currently 53, countries. Please contact us for details.

Global Expres to Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland.


Expedited international shipping

Expedited shipping, registered, signed-for.
10$ / 8€ /

Figurki do Polski

10zł List Polecony Priorytet lub Paczka Pocztowa Priorytetowa

Nie wysyłamy za pobraniem. Nie ma możliwości odbioru osobistego.


International payments: through PayPal or a wire transfer.
Important: When using PayPal please make sure to check that payment will be received in the same currency as was requested.
If You send USD please also choose USD in ‘recipient gets’ box in PayPal.

Krajowe płatności: preferowany przelew bankowy.