MadFly-Art – Miniature Painting Studio

We offer a complete miniature painting service with an aim at a bespoke fulfillment of Your specific needs. We also acquire miniatures and materials on Your behalf and prepare custom scenic plinths and dioramas.

In 2017 Studio was placed as 9th best in the world by trendingtopmost.com.

In 2019 we celebrated our 10th anniversary.

There are 8 levels of painting quality available, with more to come:
Table2, Table3, Pro4, Pro5, Masters6, Masters7, Showcase8 and Showcase9.

Please take a look at our gallery or current auctions and contact us for more details.

Why should You coose MadFly-Art for Your miniature paiting service?

Quality levels for every need and budget.
No deposits needed.
Award winning.
Project continuation. Style and palette will be saved for next time.

Quote will not change.
Complete service.
Many discount tiers.
Free international shipping from first discount tier.
No minimum order size.

Hand-painted miniatures, custom bases.
More than ten years of professional experience.
Good communication along the way.
Prompt turnover.
You can check the work before You pay.
Miniatures purchase.
Custom projects accepted.
Reliable worldwide shipping service.
Knowledge and experience of most manufacturers.



Studio is located in Poland, EU.