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Amba – Eye of the Sun

Amba – Eye of the Sun Axis Mundi miniature, Showcase9-level, NMM, freehands, 75mm scale, plinth. Vote on Putty&Paint. Vote on CMON. Painted by: Yaroslav Bozhdynsky Entered into Axis Mundi 2024 painting competition Entered into Kontrast 2024 painting competition For Sale on eBay! Painted using Restaurohouse 900 series brushes, Harder & Steenbeck Evolution CRplus airbrush and Acrylicos Vallejo Model Color paints.

Commission, Masters6, Pro4

O-12 Action Pack

O-12 Action Pack Corvus Belli miniatures, Pro4-level (Cuervo Goldstein Masters6-level), NMM. Warsenal scenic bases. Vote on CMON. Painted by: Yaroslav Bozhdynsky 3x KAPPA (Combi Rifle), DELTA Hacker (Combi Rifle), EPSILON (MULTI Sniper Rifle), GAMMA (Feuerbach), GANGBUSTER (Boarding Shotgun), BETATROOPER Specialist Operative (MULTI Rifle), OMEGA (Heavy Machine Gun), CUERVO GOLDSTEIN (Boarding Shotgun)