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MadFly-Art’s X Anniversary

This year MadFly-Art is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary.
We have a special 10% army discount for You to consider. Also our eBay offerings are now all with free international shipping. This year at least three new projects will be created on Showcase9 level. One for sale and two others competition pieces. This level will not be marketed but will serve as a link to even higher, premium, levels.

I would like to thank all of the supporters, customers, admirers, voters, producers and critics. Many happy years ahead.
– Yaroslav Bozhdynsky

MadFly-Art’s 8th Anniversary

Last year was probably the most laborious yet. This year will be the year of expansion both in work space and work force and new quality level – Showcase9 presented hopefully on this year’s Hussar contest. Special thanks to all our loyal customers and friends. As for the special anniversary discount there are only 3-4 slots left this year, so anyone who’ll want them will receive an 8% discount instead of a regular discount.

MadFly-Art’s 7th Anniversary

We want to celebrate our anniversary with You. And so because it was a lot of fun to paint Scibor’s dwarfs we would like to offer 17% discount on painting all Scibor’s dwarfs 25-54mm scale AND further 17% on purchase of the models by us (counted from their regular Euro price). This discounts cannot be combined with our regular painting discounts. Promotion will last till July.
Celebrate good times!

6th Anniversary

We are celebrating 6th anniversary of MadFly-Art. For the next 3 weeks all commissions will be credited with additional 6% discount (till 21st of May), applicable to all levels from Table2 to Masters8.
Additionally we will be selling most of our beautiful miniatures on eBay, starting from 1$ (not including contest nor very recent miniatures).
Also we will present a Lilith model from Nocturna on new Masters8 level. And it will be sold on eBay as well.

We would like to thank all our faithfull customers, friends and supporters that made it all possible.

Best regards
Yaroslav Bozhdynsky

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